The Complete Guide to Home Carpentry

The Complete Guide to Home Carpentry

Carpentry basics for new DIYers.

Carpentry is arguably the most fundamental skill used in constructing a home. Whether a DIYer wants to remodel a room or replace individual components such as countertops, carpentry is an essential skill to have.

The problem is that not many people have it. The array of saws and other tools may be intimidating to the beginner. Where exactly do you start? The Complete Guide to Home Carpentry From Black & Decker hopes to provide an answer to that question.

The book covers all the aspects of carpentry that those who possess little or intermediate knowledge will need to get their carpentry projects done. As with any serious project, the first step is the planning. The planning phase stage is the point where the DIYer will need to determine which tools are necessary and the demands of the project. The Complete Guide to Home Carpentry advises that the plan be carefully laid out and such aspects as materials and building permits be considered.

Early on in the book, the whole issue of safety during the project is covered with DIYers being advised to pay attention to their equipment and their environment to minimize the dangers. The book covers the basics of the home workshop and offers safety advice on that too, which includes the necessity of having fire extinguishers and smoke detectors along with tools.

The Complete Guide to Home Carpentry includes a section on choosing the right lumber for a project, which is a skill that not many beginning carpenters will have. Readers are taught how to assess the grades and categories of lumber used for different purposes. This part of the book comes with pictures and infographics to help provide greater clarity.

Overall, this book is perfect for those who would like to handle more of their carpentry projects but have no idea where to start. It provides a thorough and straightforward introduction to working with wood as it relates to constructing or remodeling a home.