The Complete Modern Guide to Basement Waterproofing

The Complete Modern Guide to Basement Waterproofing

A helpful home improvement book by Scott Gallawa

Water leaking into a home’s basement is a complicated problem having to do with the composition of  the soil around the home as well as the home’s construction. Solving it will require a little learning on the part of the homeowner. The dangers of water seepage in a basement generally fall into two categories: damage to the structure and the potential for the growth of mold and bacteria.  The Complete Modern Guide to Basement Waterproofing by Scott Gallawa attempts to solve all of the homeowner’s problems with regard to a wet basement.

The first question dealt with is why basements leak in the first place. Understanding the cause is crucial to being able to solve it. The author points out that this is often due to the type of soil on which houses are built. The weight of water and the type of soil, combined with hydrostatic pressure are often to be blamed for water seepage. 

As a result of this, many regions throughout the U.S. require that builders provide a warranty to the owners of newly constructed homes. Other issues that may be at fault include the use of substandard or inappropriate materials in the construction of the basement.  The various elements of constructing the base of a home are each examined in the book with the author pointing out the roles that they play in basement moisture.

After a thorough discussion of the problem, the author moves on to solutions, a part of which is the tarring of basement walls.  He gives thorough, detailed instructions on how to accomplish this as well as how to correctly backfill the basement walls.

Overall, The Complete Modern Guide to Basement Waterproofing serves as a through and detailed resource for preventing or solving a water-seepage problem in a basement. It may be used by homeowners who want to solve the problem themselves or by young professionals who have never faced the problem before.