Designing your dream home

Designing your dream home

A guide to organizing your building or remodeling project.

Until you have actually attempted a major home building or remodeling project, it is difficult anticipate all the problems you will face. The fact is that there are many variables, and for those who are attempting to take on a home building project with no prior experience, these can be stressful and frustrating. Does this mean that you simply forego the project or procrastinate? No, you need advice and guidance from someone in the know, like Susan Lang, author of Designing Your Dream Home: Every Question to Ask, Every Detail to Consider, and Everything to Know Before You Build or Remodel.

When paying for the services of a contractor or interior designer, it helps for the homeowner to be educated on what it is these people do. The author states in her introduction that the point of the book is to provide the reader with this education, so that they know what questions to ask. It is easy to underestimate the scale and complexity of a building operation.

Among other things, Lang includes a glossary of architectural terms and symbols that will aid in understanding architectural plans and drawings. Keep in mind that you will be living with the finished results, you need to have an understanding of exactly what is to be done to your living space.

As with all complicated undertakings, organization is key. The book includes resources to help a homeowner get themselves and their project organized. Among these resources are to-do lists, samples of product manifests and fact sheets as well as forms for meeting notes. The author even provides detailed storage instructions for all of these materials.

Other steps include hiring an architect, in addition to an interior designer and builder. The process for each of these will vary according to your location, and other factors explained in the book.