The Handbuilt Home

The Handbuilt Home

A guide to DIY woodworking.

One of the benefits of being a DIYer when it comes to furniture projects around the home is the amount of money that can be saved. In tough times, this is even more important, but there is one major obstacle that stands in the way of many people: skill.

Those have no experience with woodwork or with the handling of power tools are often intimidated by the learning curve. That is where a book like The Handbuilt Home comes in handy. Not only does it have a selection of projects for a DIYer to attempt, it provides instructions for those who are entirely new to the hobby of woodworking.

Author Ana White starts the book out with a list of the many benefits that a DIYer can get from their furniture projects including customized furniture, and then quickly moves on to the tools that will be needed to get started.  The expense of woodworking tools may discourage some would-be DIYers from taking up the hobby, but the tools White lists are all basic and readers should find that they either have them already or are able to afford them.

They include pliers, a tape measure, a hammer and a drill.  She also provides the reader with basic safety instructions for handling their equipment. The book includes instructions on everything from basic shelf-building to guidelines for more advanced projects like Adirondack chairs and picnic tables.

The Handbuilt Home is perfect for those who have always wanted to go into woodworking but lack knowledge of the basics.  It provides the kind of from-the-ground-up instruction that can turn a beginner into a skilled woodworker as long as they are willing to put in the effort.