Knack Organizing Your Home: Decluttering Solutions and Storage Ideas

Knack Organizing Your Home: Decluttering Solutions and Storage Ideas

Reining in the mess in your home with a few simple guidelines.

De-cluttering a home does not necessarily mean that you will be called upon to lose your prized possessions. Rather than simply being about getting rid of stuff, the process involves making your home more efficient so that finding the things you want will be made easier.

Among the factors that may scare those who have cluttered homes and may cause them to procrastinate when facing the task of organization, are the decisions that have to be made. De-cluttering is primarily about being decisive. What do we keep? What gets tossed? The question of whether or not something is essential changes with each item.

People often fear getting rid of something and then not having it when they need it. The goal of Knack Organizing Your Home: Decluttering Solutions and Storage Ideas is to help the reader develop the skills for making these decisions. 

Author Emily Wilska provides some guidelines to follow when attempting to remove clutter from your home. The guidelines help to make the clutter-free lifestyle a learned skill, not unlike any other type of learned skill. She provides a set of questions the householder should ask about each item when attempting to decide on whether to keep or discard.

A whole section of the book revolves around creating systems for eliminating clutter. These systems are mainly methods of storage for various household items. For example, a pot rack for your kitchen; one that allows easy access to cookware while also eliminating the chaos in your cupboards. These systems involve finding the most appropriate methods of storing those possessions you decide to keep.

The book is aimed at those who find their homes so chaotic and disorganized that they are having trouble even getting started with a cleanup effort. It provides genuinely helpful blueprints and ideas for homeowners who may struggle with keeping a tidy home and therefore may provide some amount of motivation to get things organized.