'Mini Farming for Self Sufficiency'

'Mini Farming for Self Sufficiency'

A book about growing food by Brett Markham

One of the basic duties of adulthood is being able to provide for yourself and your family and what more essential need is there than food? What better way to provide food than by growing it yourself? Intensive farming for a household is one of the oldest and most important traditions in human history.

This has been done in most cultures throughout the world and is still something done today in many places. Homeowners in many places where yards are smaller than that of the typical American home have developed methods of growing food on very small plots of land. Brett Markham is the author of Mini Farming for Self Sufficiency, and in this book he attempts to show the average homeowner the various benefits to be gained by growing their own food, and how to do it even in very small spaces. 

Among these benefits is nutrition. Supermarket produce is grown with a number of goals in mind, and supplying nutrition is not necessarily at the top of the list, sometimes it may not be in the priorities at all. The goal for supermarket produce is to last long on the shelves and to be shipped without cosmetic damage.

With produce grown in a home garden, however, the gardener has the option to choose varieties with a higher nutritional content as there is no need to worry about how long the produce has to last before it gets eaten. Markham also points out the fact that various pesticides are used in the commercial production of the vegetables that most people eat, that a homeowner with a backyard garden will not have to use.