Working Alone by John Carroll

Working Alone by John Carroll

A book of tips for solo construction projects



Whether you are building your top-secret apocalypse bunker in the desert or just have no friends, learning to build alone is a good skill to have. The term do-it-yourself sometimes means exactly what it says, and John Carroll’s Working Alone provides lone wolf builders with the knowledge of how to pull off major construction tasks without help.

Before purchasing this book, it should be noted that many of the techniques are not particularly beginner-friendly. That said, Carroll has included a section jobs that even amateurs should be able to handle.

The author is a builder who is accustomed to handling jobs by himself and this book has all the tricks that he has used in his career to safely complete potentially dangerous solo construction jobs. Obviously, the safety aspect has to be taken into account when contemplating pulling off a construction job without assistance.  Working Alone covers this in the book’s opening where Carroll covers how to handle an emergency situation when you are working by yourself. Construction sites are full of the potential for injury. One of Carroll’s tips is to always have a mobile phone handy for making emergency calls.

The other challenges that the solo builder faces include lifting and moving heavy objects, measuring and marking. Carroll has workarounds for all of the obstacles. From using clamps that serve as another pair of hands, to the use of sturdy sawhorses and ladders, Carroll provides common sense advice to anyone who will be attempting tricky jobs on their own.