Building Kitchen Cabinets, by Udo Schmidt Dip

Building Kitchen Cabinets, by Udo Schmidt Dip


Like the bathroom, the kitchen is intended to functional, and to be functional it must be organized. Kitchens, incidentally, are often one of the smallest spaces in the home which makes the challenge of organization that much more difficult. The key to effective kitchen organization is storage space. The various implements needed to cook and serve meals can easily become disorganized and unsightly, especially in a large household where a lot of food is prepared. While many solutions for kitchen organization exist, the traditional and popular way is the cabinet.


The introduction to Building Kitchen Cabinets by Udo Schmidt Dip explains that many home builders are resistant to the idea of making cabinets from scratch due to the fact that there are already so many pre-made varieties available. The book, however, provides help and instruction (with lots of pictures), for those who want to buck the trend and build their own kitchen cabinets. The book even teaches the do-it-yourselfer how to design their own cabinets.


The author points out that despite the fact that factory-made kitchen cabinets can be customized to an extent, the homeowner who builds theirs from scratch is able to construct a design that is entirely their own. Unique designs and lots of storage space in the kitchen are also good selling points for a home, therefore properly built and installed cabinets can therefore be useful for more than just aesthetics.


The book also points out that by building the cabinet from scratch, the homeowner or professional contractor is not limited to the designs and materials, used to build pre-made cabinets.


It should be noted that this book is not meant for beginners, but for those who already have some experience with carpentry. It is meant to add the skill of cabinet-building to the repertoire of a professional or experienced handyman.