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Green from the Ground Up: Sustainable, Healthy and Energy-Efficient Home Construction

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Environmentalism is more than just a trendy movement. It is the serious attempt to live causing undue stress on the ecosystem. It has become a massively powerful movement because people realize that there are consequences to neglecting the methods of harvesting resources and disposing of waste. Green construction is the attempt to erect buildings with environmental friendliness and sustainability in mind. What are the methods for making a construction project green? That is what Green from the Ground Up: Sustainable, Healthy, and Energy-Efficient Home Construction aims to tell its readers.

The author, who has 10 years experience in green construction, with a knowledge of solar technology and other tools used to make a home more energy-efficient and friendly to the environment. In addition to practical experience running an eco-friendly construction company, he has also worked as a consultant on green construction helped to train other home-builders in the various methods of green construction.

The introduction points out that while green construction does have a particular focus on being energy efficient, it actually encompasses all of the trade, not just energy usage. The aim is to get a house to fit perfectly with its surroundings. The intent is to reduce the damage caused by humans when using typical construction methods and objectives. This means avoiding waste when purchasing and using building materials. The book also mentions the improving of air quality indoors as a major objective of green construction. Ensuring the maximum efficiency of an HVAC system is one method of improving air quality while reducing the consumption of energy produced with fossil fuels.