The Homeowner's Guide to Greatness

The Homeowner's Guide to Greatness

A book to educate inexperienced homeowners.

Homeownership is a role with many pitfalls and a vast number of responsibilities. In many cases, new homeowners are unprepared for what it entails; a homeowner who neglects their duties can find themselves dealing with some very expensive problems. The Homeowner’s Guide to Greatness seeks to educate inexperienced homeowners as to the various problems they will face and how to handle them. Authors Jocelyn Jane Cox and Rob Strati seek to inject humor into the role of homeowner as a means to help them come with the inevitable stress.

The Homeowner’s Guide to Greatness also deals with the decision to buy a home in the first place. The big question in this area is whether to buy a home or to rent for the foreseeable future. Authors Jocelyn Jane Cox and Rob Strati make the point that while renting may seem like a waste of money, it is often much cheaper to rent than to take out a home loan. 

Unless an individual can afford to go pay the full price for a home without borrowing, home ownership may not be for them. The book provides all the information an individual needs to make a decision between renting and buying, with many arguments made on both sides. The person considering entering into a long term loan in order to pay for a home should consider this section of the book to see which arguments better affect their situation.

If the reader decides that they still want to own their own home, the book provides advice on how to go about finding it. The degree of self-education involved in this part of the process can be fairly extensive.