June 2011

Handyman Club of America: Landscape Structures & Decks

The Handyman Club of America’s Landscape Structures & Decks presents a perfect introduction to most of the landscaping and deck structural projects and needs that a person could want in their line of work or at home. From fountains to ponds, deck layouts to framing tips, there are projects for just about anyone who wants to increase the value and aesthetics of his or her property.

As with other Handyman selections, this installment is filled with full-color diagrams and clear photos that easily demonstrate different techniques and tips. Various tools needed are discussed, as well are projects as simple as installing a patio paver. More complex projects and descriptions are also included, such as how to install and maintain a water pump for water gardens. Several beautiful photos that can also be used for ideas are included for all of these and other projects. Specific concepts, such as which plants to use in a water garden, are also touched upon.

People who want privacy will find many ideas in the volume as well, such as tall privacy fences, as well as how to install a prefabricated fence. Like the other Handyman books, the text is a bit small to be comfortably read well, but it’s definitely still easily organized and helpful for most people who are interested in such projects.