March 2012

Hand Tools: Their Ways and Workings by Aldren A. Watson

The complete novice at do-it-yourself home repair has to start somewhere, and what better starting point is there than the equipment used in construction. Tools are and have been essential to various human endeavors since the beginning of time. From the simple plows used for early farming to the vast array of high technology implements used in contemporary construction, tools are a part of what sets humans apart from other animals.

Of course, it is not always necessary to know how a tool works in order to use it, but it can still be worthwhile for a beginner to study how best to use a particular implement to get the best possible results. Hand Tools: Their Ways and Workings by Aldren A. Watson provides thorough knowledge of those basic tools used in carpentry. The methods of using tools like handsaws, chisels, planes and bit braces are all covered, and accompanied by line drawings.

Black & Decker Working with Drywall

Hanging & Finishing Drywall the Professional Way

Hanging drywall is one of the more unpleasant and tedious construction jobs, one that is hated even by the most experienced construction professionals. It is simple enough in process but difficult in execution. Black & Decker Working with Drywall: Hanging & Finishing Drywall the Professional Way, is one of the essential resources that give DIY handymen the instruction that is necessary to pull it off. This is one of those jobs that due to its simplicity may seem, at first glance, to be easy to handle. It is not. In fact, it is usually not a one-man job as gypsum boards are heavy and awkward to maneuver into place. On the other hand, as the book points out, it should not be one that intimidates the home improver, either. Once they get the basic principles down, the homeowner should be able hang drywall competently and reasonably quickly.